Try Us., TRIOS – who we are.. what we do.. where we are heading to!

Thought River Infra Office Solutions, which makes TRIOS. We are solution providers for passionate kinda workaholic professionals who are on look out of space, defining our motto – where Passion finds space!

TRIOS as coworking space provides you with all the basic amenities at Work Desk, i.e. high speed internet, air conditioned premises, chairs that are ergonomically apt, a clean desk – that accommodates your laptop, cell phone, diary, a warm cup of coffee., may be tea!

We started with this idea back in 2015, as we Pratik & Tejasa too were working from a small office in a row house – we had to take care of rent, the electricity bill, the invertor back up, the office boy, the cleaning lady, the pantry, the parking, watchman, so on and so much more.. and at that time, Pratik struck with the thought of creating affordable but professional plug-and-play offices.

January 2016 – our Balewadi branch – T1 began, with the capacity of 63 seats almost full always, and within a year, January 2017 we had our Baner branch – T2 fully functioning, and we are bridging the gap from 12months to 10months, in opening our third branch T3 at VimanNagar – November 2017.

All the branches have the same warmth and coziness, the inviting – let’s get to work ambience. We are professional yet friendly; we have standards set yet affordable, we believe in growing together after all that’s what coworking is all about.

Why coworking – Coworking is hassle free, we take care of the things and you simply work. Get your work done. Coworking throughout the globe is making sense as sharing resources is a greener way of living, a fast and professional approach at networking, pleasant ambience and convenient work hours. A great coworking space is a business hub in making.

We invite you to be a part of TRIOS, as we have an online platform that encourages internal networking. TRIOSplus – is our community of all the professionals collaborating on work front. We have events that provide an opportunity to know one another, team building, fun events, corporate mentoring, enhancing life skills sessions, a birthday party and success celebrations.

Experience coworking by coworking with us, try us at TRIOS.

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